Funreal! Live long and very good!

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Funreal! Live long and very good!

Post by LASTn00b on Thu Feb 18, 2016 8:19 am

Dead and rotten body of Jinpachi rest in old forgotten grave!

Armor King drink vodka with Kunimitsu! Kazuya Mishima smoke grass with Jin Kazama! Mokujin have war with Azazel! Yoshimitsu have wife... A Nina! Heihachi sniff amphetamine and cocaine with smog! Goro from Mortal Kombat have fight with Dhalasim! Death of Gunjack!
Your brain is full of deadly parasites for health! Heart of dragon! Martal arts of death! Infinity life is eternal and very bad! Death forever! Forbidden styles of Aikido and Jujitsu! Skull of fool is very cool for all tool! Bonebreaker and head crush'er! Junkiefights and bumwars! Shun di love beer and Wang Jin Rei drink beer! Tung Fu Rue love marihuana with THC and mushrooms with psycoglobine! Lava must burn body! Crematory is a natural gift from a nature!
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