Video games for a computers and consoles!

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Video games for a computers and consoles!

Post by LASTn00b on Mon Feb 22, 2016 6:38 am

Best video games of XXI century and millenium!
Newschool video games and retro for a geeks and nerds! Doom (2016) have very brutal scenes od death and very good engine! The Last Guardian (2016) looks very cool and awesome and great! Final Fantasy XV (2016) have fantastic grafhics and very good gaming style! Tekken 7 vs Street Fighter V - and the winner is Virtua Fighter 6! All this games have note 100/100 from Kotaku and Fanimitsu and ign and gamespot and 1up and pcgamer and maxconsole and eurogamer and giant bomb and destructoid!
Ubisoft! Namco! Konami! Capcom! EA Sports! Square Enix! Blizzard!
Diablo 4 is coming soon in future! New Resident Evil and Silent Hill on Steam!
DOTA 3 and League of Legends have premiere on 2019!
Dead or Alive 6 next Stalker was annouced!
Tetris Attack 2 vs Columns 4!
Heroes of Might & Magic VIII on Your PC in 2021!
You love Settlers?
Postal 3 vs Wolfenstein: Death of Adolf Hitler!
Quake 5 vs Halo 6: The Masterchief Revenge and Killzone 4: Cybernoid Hellgaists Return.
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10th KYU

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