This is a great place to fight,don't you think?

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This is a great place to fight,don't you think?

Post by JChangDoppelganger on Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:57 pm


Hello and welcome to the Emily"Lili"Rochefort fan club I am your FCP Kwzy,and your FCVP is JChangDoppelganger.

Name:Emily Rochefort,Lili
Occupation:High School Student
Fighting Style:Street Fighting; Her "street fighting" style appears to mix moves from classical dance and/or ballet. Other moves derive from gymnastics techniques, such as cartwheels and handstands. Some may say that it resembles a form of wushu. Others say that it may be tricking, a comparatively new martial art form.

Post all of your favorite Pictures,Combos,Videos and Reflections on how you feel about Lili

Synopsis:Lili became interested in fighting when she was kidnapped and held ransom, when she was twelve years old. She managed to take out one of her captors while struggling violently to free herself. This triggered her hunger for battle. Because her father is a good-hearted man who hates conflict, and because Lili loves her father very much and does not want him to be upset with her, Lili took part in street fighting tournaments around the world under the guise of a vacation from Monaco.Yay Lili Very Happy