New Tekken Fan Has Just Registered!

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New Tekken Fan Has Just Registered!

Post by Akisame on Sun Jan 01, 2012 1:37 am

Hi, my fellow Tekken Fans! My name is Akisame H. I really enjoy playing Tekken. Here's how I found this site: Just now I was searching where I can play Tekken for free online. And I found this site. I came here as a guest a few weeks ago, and did not understand the site too well. And now that I'm back as a registered member, I am glad to say that I am very happy that a site like this exists. Especially about the fact that it is New Years Day in the area I live, this is a great way to kick off the year. In fact, not all of my friends are Tekken fans, and that's too bad because they're more in to football and other stuff. So I am going to let them enjoy their hobbies, while I enjoy mine: forums, and talking with Tekken fans. My friends say that I am OBSESSED with Tekken and the character Hwoarang, (HE IS JUST AMAZING TO USE IN THE GAME!). But eh? That's what friends do, right? Very Happy

I guess I should finish up this post and look at the rest of the site. I have not set up my avatar yet!

Korea OK! I'll see you guys around! Nice to meet you! Korea

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