Tourney of Champions has begun

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Tourney of Champions has begun Empty Tourney of Champions has begun

Post by facstudios on Thu Aug 04, 2011 10:16 am

Tourney of Champions has begun.

About Tourney of Champions:
Tourney of Champions is a 3 stage tournament based on several arcade video games. 8 Champions compete against each other throughout the knockout stages but only one can reach and win the final stage and become the Champion of Champions. The champions are: Biped, Coach Krupt, Hugo, Latrop, Mad Bull, No Rullez, Rico and Wo Taf Ok.

Tournament Table:
Tourney of Champions has begun Tournament_Tablefor_VC

Stage 1: Fight 1:

Stage 1: Fight 2:

Stage 1: Fight 3:

Visit the Tourney's Community on Facebook:
(and click the little like button if you want to Wink)

And you can also visit the website that features an interactive tournament table and champion profiles:

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the tournament. Smile


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